The Art of Cleaning with Dry Ice

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Our Cost Effective Dry Ice Cleaning Is Used in Hundreds of Industries.

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What do the aerospace industry, nuclear power industry and small manufacturing companies have in common?

The answer is that all three rely on smooth, efficient, cost-effective operations. But all three share something else – each relies on various cleaning processes, or surface preparation to maximize equipment life. Today, faced with extraordinary environmental concerns, as well as the need for increased productivity (little or no downtime), many industries are finding that conventional cleaning methods are no longer suitable. More and more companies are turning to Cryogenesis for their surface preparation needs.

Cryogenesis is the unique, technologically advanced cleaning systems method that is easy to use, harmless to the environment and exceedingly cost effective. The Cryogenesis system uses rice-like dry ice pellets that are blasted at subsonic or supersonic speeds to remove surface contamination. Upon impact, the dry ice turns into a harmless gas, leaving only the removed contaminant itself for disposal and no residual waste. The controlled rate of blasting can be adjusted by the operator, making Cryogenesis appropriate on many types of surfaces – delicate, porous or hard to clean.

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What do we offer?

dry ice cleaning services

Cleaning Services

Cryogenesis provides a full range of options when it comes to your cleaning needs. We will mobilize throughout the country with our team of professionally trained personnel and necessary equipment to perform onsite cleaning. Cryogenesis also provides offsite and batch cleaning operations at our fully equipped facility. Whether your application is removing ink build up on printing equipment or effluents from production processes off of ceiling and walls, our experienced operators are ready to complete the task. >> Read More

dry ice cleaning equipment

Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Simplicity, reliability and maximum uptime – that is what Cryogenesis offers in its Model F-16A dry ice blast system. This system is very easy to operate and it is maintenance friendly with replacement parts that are reasonable when and if the time comes for repair of your unit.

With over 24 years in the industry, Cryogenesis has the engineering experience to fully integrate the technology into your process. Whether your application requires articulating nozzles or soundproof enclosures, we have the solution to meet your needs.   >> Read More

dry ice cleaning onsite training

Onsite Training

Worksite safety is paramount to any company and Cryogenesis as well. We offer training that will teach your operators the basics of dry ice blasting that includes: an introduction to the technology, dry ice handling and storage, compressed air safety, safety issues during application, PPE and maintenance and troubleshooting your unit.